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Air Conditioning and Heating Repair in Laredo, TX

Texas summers can leave your truck or car scorching hot. Don’t be caught without a working air conditioner this summer. If you have air conditioning and heating troubles that make your drive uncomfortable, let the ATL Laredo specialists take care of it. Your safety and comfort are our top priority. You can count on us for routine maintenance, replacements, and AC repair in Laredo, TX. We offer free estimates in our shop, so come on by and stay cool.

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Signs Your AC/Heating are Malfunctioning

While it may seem obvious when your heating or air conditioning is malfunctioning, some issues are more in-depth than just a lack of cold or hot air. Here is a short list of problems that may indicate you need auto AC and heating repair or service:

  • Weak airflow: This is a sign your system can be running on low efficiency and might need maintenance or replacement.
  • Noticeable moisture around your compressor: Air conditioning may not be your only issue. Bring your vehicle in immediately for a full inspection.
  • Strange odors coming from your vents: Odors coming from the vents can indicate a leak that can cause further trouble if left unchecked.

The ATL Laredo Promise of Service

Our licensed and trained team will thoroughly inspect your vehicle, noting any repairs or services your car may need before providing a free estimate. Throughout this car air conditioning service, we check components such as compressors, belts, thermal expansion valves, condensers, and levels of refrigerant solutions. Only then we will be able to locate the problem and offer solutions.

While routine maintenance is the best way to keep your AC system working optimally, we understand that some things happen. Whether you’re in to get a simple check or need an emergency AC repair in Laredo, TX, we are the area’s premier garage. Bring your truck or car in today for a free estimate. We offer transportation for customers who drop off their vehicles. You may also call us for inquiries.

Drive in for a Free Estimate Today!